Moo Brew Pilsner


18118802_681836182000530_4249610235534191737_n“Our Pilsner redefines the classic lager, challenging the cherished belief that they can only be made in Pilsen. Traditionally, it required a cool climate for the cold ferment and lagering, soft water for a long ferment, and the noble saaz hops. Improved clarity, golden colour and a flavour sensation is the result. In Tasmania’s perfect climate, with its pristine soft water, Moo Brew Pilsner departs from the established tradition by using only German Spalt hops to achieve its unique aroma and lingering bitterness. Celebrate its fine creamy head, crystal clarity and golden colour with oysters, lobster, fine fish or goats’ cheese.”

Served in a footed flute. It hits the glass with a reasonably clear golden hue. A thumb of loosely packed bubble emerges before it steadily reduced to a film. Laces well as it subsides.
The nose is about as traditional as one could get outside of the Czech republic. It’s subtle and grainy with a spicy, peppery hop profile in support. Some earthy elements coming through but it’s slightly more woody in its delivery. Undertones of floral pot pourri and a cracker malt at the base. Lovely stuff.
Crisp, light and refreshing in the mouth. Somewhat mineraly in texture. Sparkling Co2 with a mild bitterness developing late. A sessional little number thus far.
We’re seeing more of the noble hop qualities presenting in flavour. Kind of herbaceous upfront with hints of peppery spice and a light bready malt which progresses through the mid. A bit spicy and bit grassy as it leads in to a crisp, snappy finish that offers a dry earthy note on a length.
Solid pilsner. In a market where new world interpretations are dominating this one winds back the clock with a very traditional malt and h