Moon dog Belgo-American India brown ale.


Moon dog Belgo-American India brown aleIf you have been following us for a while now you would already know how highly we rate this quirky brewery from Abbotsford, Victoria.

This, just to add to this top notch breweries list of craft brews we served in an IPA glass (could also serve in a shaker or pint glass). The dark brown pour reveals some deep ruby red hues when held to the light. Crowning this attractive appearance off is a dense 3 finger tan head that eventually settles and holds at a 1cm cap. Good head retention and plenty of thick, healthy lacing is being strewn down the glass. Instantly our olfactory’s are abuzz with hybrid complexity. We’re getting dominant roasted chocolate malts, espresso and brown sugar with subtle Belgian-style spiciness and yeast. Accompanying these dark, richer aromas are some slightly tart dark fruits and a slight musty earthiness. On the India side are less dominant undertones of pine and citrus fruit that are heavily drowned out by the richer malts. Still, there to be detected with a big whiff. In the mouth it’s thick with a chewy texture. Carbonation is mild with medium-full body. The less dominant bittering hops in the aroma have been lifted for the palate with a lovely balance of espresso, chocolate and an assertive bitterness (65 IBU) kicking off the initial flavour profile. Also in the fore-flavour and bridging into the mid palate is a muted alcohol warmth (8.1%) that picks up hints of burned chocolate and dark berries. The finish is heavily roasted with an espresso bitterness and a touch of alcohol warmth on the rear palate. Incredible length on offer here, enduring long breaks between our sips. Wow, we can easily say that this brewery would have to be top dog when it comes to complex beers in Australia. The balance between rich malts and assertive hop bitterness is excellent. With its Black IPA-like drinking this is a top shelf beer. Brilliant stuff.