Moon Dog ‘Black Lung X’ BA Imperial Stout


“Black Lung is back for the 10th time and to celebrate this milestone we sourced some of the smokiest barrels we could find all the way from the home of smoky whisky, Islay, Scotland! To do these amazing barrels justice we brewed the biggest, booziest, Black Lungiest, Black Lung ever to be put into barrels, clocking in at 12%. We then aged the beer for longer than any previous Black Lung and the result speaks for itself!”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: As black as midnight with a thumb of brown foam atop. The head slowly peels off and settled at the rim. It posts neat sets of rings as we indulge.

Aroma: For one of us hop heads it has both favourite whiskies in one glass – Lagavulin and Laphroaig. It’s literally like an Islay-infused peat bomb with a rich and hearty stout base consisting of molasses, Vegemite, salted dark chocolate, peated whiskey barrels, licorice, ash, burnt wood and charred malts. This is beasty AF. We can’t help but feel a little splash of vanilla sweetness or coconut would go a long way in balancing it all out.

Flavour: Well it doesn’t have any vanilla or coconut but they have found a crucial balance on the palate. It’s still peaty as hell but the heady notes of sweet-ish molasses, licorice, dark chocolate and rich toffee really pull it all in to line. Maybe a hint of sugary espresso as well. The finish reverts right back to those beautifully peated whiskey notes which last a life time on the back.

Mouthfeel: Oily and dense. There’s quite a noticeable Co2 for the style, it’s not overdone though, which is good. The 12% ABV is well enough concealed as well.

Overall: This series is one we haven’t really chose to seek out but we must admit it’s growing on us. Throw a bit of vanilla and or coconut in there and we’re sold! Decent drop but.