Moon dog ‘bock naked’ chipotle dark lager/bock


image“After fermentation, for just a little while, this dark lager wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie brown shrivelled chipotle bikini. It (sm)oaked up the hotness (as much as it could given it was a little chili). And when it was done it took it off….wahhhh!! Seriously hot stuff!.”

We would both be surprisingly mistaken if we thought we had just cracked open a porter here. As we served this dark beauty in to a beer tulip we gaze upon this dark cola-like pour and compacted tan head coupled with some robust porter-like aroma’s, one would be surprised to know that this is actually a bock. Wafts of sweet malts, dark chocolate, raisin, woody notes, peppers, charcoal and plum are enough to excite the best of beer critiques. Medium carbonation with a slightly velvety texture in the mouth. The palate boasts robust, roasted and slightly smoky characteristics. Caramel, toffee, peated malts, pepper and the slight heat from the chipotle marry together beautifully to produce an absolutely brilliant bock. Slight booze warming (7.7%) throughout adds even more complexity to this already top notch beer. Big ups to this quality Victorian brewery. Well done, another quirky but delicious beer to add to the repertoire.