Moon Dog ‘jukebox hero’ IPA


image“This is an IPA, We (Moondog) love IPA, heaps! To us IPA is the big kahuna of craft. The almighty of ales. The head honcho of hops. The regal ruler of resin. The liege lord & legendary luminary leader of lupulin. The Xena Warrior Princess of zymurgy. The D.. Ummm… dang tasty beer. Featuring Warrior, Cascade, Amarillo & Centennial hops.”

Aahh Moon dog, the purveyors of strange yet wonderful beer. This IPA is quite mild on the nose with suggestions of herbaceous hops, peppery spice, a touch of alcohol and a hint of tropical fruit. When capped, the bubbly head poured out of the bottle which always worries us as it can sometimes be an effect over-carbonation. Pouring that usual coppery hue, the one inch head is foamy and sticks to the glass as we imbibe. The use of Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial and Warrior hops produce a rather mild upfront bitterness but it lingers nicely on the palate. IBU rating of 65 here. Slightly watery body to it but the use of Pilsner and Crystal malts explain that. Alc vol of 7%. We would classify this as a mild or beginners version of IPA.. Subdued grapefruit, lemon bitterness and mild piney flavours. The positives here are the smoothness and session ability. Very easy to drink. This is actually quite a timid beer for Moon Dog and we think there are better brews from these fella’s, but all in all, a simple yet tasty IPA.