Mornington ‘Sorachi’ Kölsch


imageHere we see Japanese hops meeting German brewing styles coming together to be brewed in Australia. It’s like the tri-nations of craft beer!! Should actually be an interesting match up too because the Sorachi hop isn’t usually one used for Kölsch. Let us see.

If we had a proper tumbler we would use it but for now we’ll serve this in a shaker glass. Aggressive pour, we want a nice big head which isn’t really what we get but a fair 7-8mm which retains quite well. It does slowly peel away with some random spotted lacing clinging to the glass. On to the aroma where we are picking up a light herbal presence along with lemon, grain, tea leaf, hay and sage. The Sorachi hops are well presented and do take the front seat in this otherwise very gentle, summery aroma. In the mouth it’s really light on…almost airy, sliding right off the tongue. Mildly carbonated. Not a great deal of flavour happening here. Again, the Sorachi hops are doing all the work with soft hints of lemon and coriander coming through the strongest. Some grain is detected through the mid, leading to a light, bitter finish. Reasonable length as we enjoy a delayed bitterness on the back end. 5.2% ABV is nicely disguised, and to be fair does work with what the brewers are obviously going for here – which is a light, refreshing beer with a slight buzz. Not their best beer ever but an easy summer-sessioner.