Mountain Culture ‘Daily Dose’ Passionfruit Gose


90367825_1330375033813305_3825905593957220352_o“Our Gose displays a restrained acidity, subtle salinity thanks to some Himalayan rock salt and a Kanye’s-ego worth of fresh passionfruit. It pours out a hazy, almost fluro yellow moments before tropical fruits drift to your senses. Take your daily dose and enjoy the trip.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Hazy pastel golden orange with a wispy white overlay. It’s that hazy that if this were a NEIPA we’d be licking our lips in anticipation.

Aroma: Fresh passion fruit comes off instantly. We can really detect the pink Himalayan rock salt as well. Also getting much more subtle hints of honeydew melon, gentle farmyard funk and freshly cut grass. The salinity really develops as it settles. Very refreshing…pairs beautifully on this warm and humid Sydney arvo!

Flavour: Much like the nose but with a more pronounced saltiness. The passion fruit actually plays 2nd fiddle (personally we’d rather it the other way around – like the aroma!). Very delicate hints of melon and sea water with a kind of dry, briney finish which lingers on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, light on, mineraly texture. Nice fine carbonation. Traditionally light ABV (4.7%).

Overall: Gotta hand it to them here…there’s that much salt in it that after each sip we’re coming back quicker as the salt is making us more and more thirsty! Selling beer 101. Look, it ain’t bad we’d have loved to see the passion fruit come through a bit more in flavour but hey…can’t win em all.