Mountain Culture X Range ‘Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That’ Oat Cream IPA


“When it came to brewing this NEIPA with our mates at Range, you would think the recipe was months in the making but it was more like we all took a stroll down to the cool room and grabbed a little bit of this hop and a little bit of that hop… The result is a mammoth Oat Cream IPA packed full juicy tropical flavours.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Really good looking pour – turbid sandy yellow with a well maintained two finger head. Excellent lace work trails it down.

Aroma: Classic Mountain Culture vibes. Juicy AF, super sweet and tropical but with a nice line of zesty lime and resin. It also has that dry chalky character which we consider a crucial quality in top shelf NEIPA’s. Other mixed fruits like passionfruit, grapefruit and apricot. Some light herbals and the fluffy and creamy oats to round it out. Brilliant aroma.

Flavour: Pretty much follows on from the nose but with a bit more emphasis on the fleshy stonefruits. We’re getting mango initially then ripe papaya/paw paw early on in the mid. The slightest hint of peppery spice creeping through as well. The herbals, zesty citrus and resinous notes form late and that creamy and grainy oat profile is dependably there for balance and structure.

Mouthfeel: Pillowy, fluffy and smooth as silk….like beer clouds. Medium bodied, Co2 is delicate and fine. 7.4% ABV, well what can we say? It’s tucked away beautifully.

Overall: We tend to stay away from reviewing anything from MC or Range as they release about 500 beers a week but considering 2 of the benchmark Aussie NEIPA brewers collaborated we thought we’d break the mould. Just this once! Exceptional drop, as expected.