Mountain goat ‘Before the dawn’ black IPA


Mountain goat black IPA“There’s a black that’s blacker than its own shadow. As black as the dark side of the moon. So black even the white bits are black. Darker and more impenetrable than Keyser Soze’s heart. It’s as black as a midnight eclipse, the bottom of the Black Sea, or the inside of the Black Knight’s helmet. This is two shades lighter than that”.

Once again these masters have pulled off an absolute pearler!! Served in an IPA glass the dark cola pour whipped up a 2 inch tan head with excellent retention. Laced well. The aroma is one of perfect balance of spicy and floral hops and malt with lovely fruity wafts of passion fruit and grapefruit offset gorgeously by earthy hints of coffee, chocolate and grain. In the mouth it feels full and frothy with medium carbonation. Medium-full body. The fore flavours burst through with spicy hops and an assertive bitterness. This bitterness rolls on through the mid-palate and morphs into earthy, malty notes with caramel, grain and chocolate. Long roasty finish with a hint of bitterness returning. At 7.4% you would never pick it, it’s actually quite a sessional  BIPA. Essentially, an excellent beer and deserves every bit of credit.