Mr Banks ‘Green Lights’ DDH West Coast IPA


“DDH West Coast IPA hopped with chinook, centennial, simcoe, amarillo & amarillo cryo.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Quite a light pour for the style – straw gold with active Co2 surging up to hold the two finger head together. Good retention and lacing as it subsides.

Aroma: Getting this heady evergreen quality popping off. Oily, resinous and piney notes-a-plenty, zesty citrus, candied lemon, yellow grapefruit, mild florals, tangerine and a really soft hit of earthy spice. Very light and grainy malt profile…bread crusts and crackers mostly. Smells super fresh. Not too shabby.

Flavour: It all comes together here. Packing a nice big hoppy punch upfront; oily resins, evergreen, pithy citrus i.e rind, zesty grapefruit and orange. The crusty and almost cereal grains coming through as it hits the mid palate. Definitely returns to an oily and resinous finish which drags out nicely.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and snappy. Mild-moderate body and vibrant Co2. The 7.1% ABV perfectly positioned.

Overall: We certainly had our doubts once we saw the colour of it but it has come through…pretty damn well too we must say. It really is refreshing to drink a transparent IPA every now and then! Solid offering here from Banksy.