Murray’s brewing Co ‘Rumble’ IPA


61101891_1098258093691668_410206773048246272_n“Rumble IPA is a celebration of a hop that deserves its own beer. Comprising of a light malt profile which lets the hops do their thing. As the name suggests Mosaic delivers big aromas and flavours of many classic American hop characters; Pine, Melon, Mango and Citrus to name a few.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Gorgeous bright amber-golden complexion with 100% clarity. Highly active co2 streaming up to the frothy two finger head which retains and drapes a sheet of lace down the glass. Looks the goods!

Aroma: Mosaic hops would have to be in our top 5 favourite hops so when we realised this was a single hop IPA using them we bagged it instantly! From memory it’s derived from Simcoe so its naturally high alpha acids provide beautiful fruity, floral and at times grassy notes. Here we’re also picking up orange citrus, berries, pine needle, mango and pineapple. Dead set one of the best aroma hops getting around.

Flavour: They’re also a match made in heaven for IPA’s as they double up as a bittering and a flavour hop. Covering everything from pine and orange citrus to berries, tropical fruits and ruby grapefruit. This one has all of the above with a bit of dank herbals, grassy and weedy notes tying up the finish. Nice and drawn out on the back end too.

Mouthfeel: Really well balanced even with the lack of malt. Some assertive hop bitterness and a touch of warmth from the 7% AbV but it’s all held together quite nicely.

Overall: We can always trust Murray’s with a west coast IPA. Even over the years with changing head brewers they’ve always consistently released top notch IPA’s. This is a prime example. Solid offering.