New Belgium ‘Trippel’


imageA good American brewery this one, so it’s a safer bet for us as it is easy for non-Belgian brewers to flop when brewing Tripels. This one is brewed with real coriander so we’re interested to see how these guys shape up with this complicated style of brewing.

Served in a beer tulip. The appearance is as clear as day with really active carbonation. Dozens of separate streams rise up to the compact 1 finger head that quickly shrinks down and holds at a very fine covering on top. Lacing is average. Smells good, similar to a Chimay or a La Trappe with it’s firm presence of fruit esters, spicy yeast, pear, coriander, banana bread, clove and orange. Solid aroma. In the mouth it’s quite smooth with a creamy texture. Carbonation is moderate with medium-full body, lightly gripping the tongue on the way down. The flavour is where we get a little bit of the US thrown in as the characteristic Belgian yeasts offer up banana, pear and a peppery spice upfront. A firmer than usual hop bitterness cuts through and is accentuated by a slight alcohol warmth (7.8%) through the mid. A malty sweetness bridges the mid and delivers a fruity finish with a mild, spicy dryness on the rear palate. Good length. We have to give credit to the brewers here they have produced a respectable Tripel. Is it on the same level as a Chimay or a La Trappe? Almost. These guys should be very happy with their brew, we dare say it wouldn’t be easy taking on the Belgians at their own craft.