Newcastle Brown Ale


Newcastle brown aleThe good old ‘newcy brown’. We can still recall numerous long nights sessioning on this cracking pommy ale.

Served in a shaker glass the light brown pour boasts lovely crimson hues. The small off-white head dimishes almost instantly leaving patchy foam on top. No lacing. The aroma is oh so English with sweet bready malts, caramel, toffee, nuts and a subtle Saaz hop like metallic fragrance underneath. Not a great deal of depth or any attempt of creating anything new which leads us to think that our love affair with this imported ale is the equivalent to the pommies and ‘our’ fosters. The mouthfeel is somewhat thin but a creamy hint to it does save it from being watery. Mildly carbonated with light body. The flavour, well we may as well stand a mirror in front of the aroma because that’s exactly what we get. Toffee, nuts, cocoa, toast and a hint of pilsner malt. 4.7% ABV. Well, as you can see this is no craft beer but what it does posess is a feeling of nostalgia for us. This is what stands between a panning and an OK score.