Nogne o / bridge road brewers India saison


bridgeRoad_indiaSaison“India Saison is the hoppy, crisp and refreshing result of a north south collaboration between Norwegian craft brewery Nonge-O & Bridge Road Brewers.A specialty Saison yeast strain and Australian Galaxy and Stella hop varieties have been used in crafting this beer. Serve chilled and enjoy with cheeses and charcuterie.”

Served in a beer tulip the hazy light golden/orange pour manages to arouse a solid two fingers worth of head which steadily reduced but maintains a rough 4-5mm cap for the duration of the beer. Dense, sudsy lacing is being strewn all the way down the glass. Attractive appearance. The nose is offering a torrent of tropical fruits such as pineapple which is coming through firmly, mango, passion fruit and maybe a touch of rockmelon. They’ve struck a healthy balance here too as we pick up spice, barnyard and some subtle funk. Excellent aroma, we’re really keen to taste this. In the mouth it’s lively carbonated with a dry, crisp texture. The body is quite full with a slight alcohol warmth that’s left lingering on the tongue. The palate is treated to a splash of tropical fruits with an assertive bitterness that cuts through a slightly dry mustiness on entry. Some of that funky saison-style spice/yeast develops through the mid as it leads on to the dry, bitter finish. Good length. The 7.5% ABV doesn’t overplay it’s hand which is nice, certainly making its presence felt initially but gradually fading out. We really liked this beer. It’s definitely one we’d buy again. Decent offering.