Nørrebro Bryghus ‘Çeske böhmer’ pilsner


imageAbsolutely love this Danish brewery. Although it’s interesting that since 2011 they have gone completely Co2 neutral and organic. We recall drinking their beers well before 2011 and being huge fans, nowadays not so much. Whether it has something to do with our palate’s changing or their decision to go organic is debatable.

Anyhow, we poured into a flute glass and we are greeted with a straw golden appearance with exceptional clarity. Topping it off is a short and compacted white head which reduces to a collar with minimal lacing on the glass. Dominant earthy hop notes along with hints of sweet malt and grains are detected initially. We’re also getting sweet, fruity wafts of apple juice and light florals coming through. Crisp, extremely clean aroma. Mildly carbonated with a slightly thin and watery mouth feel. Very light on. Grainy palate upfront with hints of soft sweet malts and some Saaz or Noble-like hops forming in the mid-palate. Finalized with a short, sweet finish that rounds off a pretty simple yet super sessional pilsner. 5% ABV is spot on, any less and this beer would be drinking like water. These are quite hard to find so jump on the net to bag one of these. Either Purvis Cellars or the International beer shop. Not bad but nothing memorable.