Old Wives Ales ‘Choc Walnut Brownie’ Brown Ale


“Smooth, full body, rich, well balanced Choc Walnut flavours. We recommend you let this warm up a little before drinking…or drop a scoop of bourbon bean vanilla ice cream in it, your call!”

Glass: English Pint.

Appearance: Dark brown with just the slightest inkling of cherry red at the base of the glass. It forms a thumb of tightly held tan foam which retains well and leaves excellent lace on the glass.

Aroma: Oh wow. It’s the liquid version of a rich, boozy and decadent chocolate brownie. Melted chocolate oozes out of it with supporting notes of fudge, cookie dough, vanilla/lactose, raw walnut, caramel, cherry cola and a really subtle yet strangely pleasant hint of bubblegum. That’s a freaking awesome aroma.

Flavour: Straight up chocolate brownie on the front palate…it’s insane how similar it is to a real brownie. It isn’t until the mid palate that the sweeter notes of creamy vanilla, cookie dough and earthy walnut begin to develop. Melted chocolate, caramel, fudge and nutty malts then deliver a smooth, creamy and nutty finish which lingers.

Mouthfeel: Well weighted, creamy and smooth as silk. Kind of an aerated Co2. 6% ABV very well concealed.

Overall: Pretty impress stuff. Incredibly well balanced and imitating a chocolate brownie to a tee! Two thumbs up from us.