Omnipollo ‘Legacy’ IPA


“Omnipollo is celebrating 10 years by releasing a series of four beers to stand the test of time. Brewing india pale ale is partly an attempt at perfecting the balanced composition of malts, letting hops command the aroma and flavor profile. Bordering between an east and west coast IPA with a welcoming bitterness to a soft mouthfeel.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Slightly hazy golden yellow pour with very little head formation. It eventually settles at the rim with thin wavy rings marking each sip on the way down.

Aroma: Woah it smells like a mango and pineapple flavoured soft drink! And as it settles it turns into a complete fruit salad… everything from passionfruit, peach, lychee and guava to lime, tangerine, mandarin and ruby grapefruit. Then the adjuncts come into play i.e frosty fruits, juice concentrate and herbal spice. It’s got a kinda creamy accent to it as well…almost like pine lime splice/spider. Really unique and we’re getting behind it.

Flavour: Wow it literally tastes like a pine lime splice! Wish they would bring those back. Then that smorgasbord of mixed fruits joins the party and all of a sudden it feels like we’ve been whisked away to some tropical island. A flutter of pine and candied lemon then proceeds to set up the slightly syrupy finish which lingers with sweet tropical fruits.

Mouthfeel: Incredibly soft and smooth for 7% ABV. Moderately bodied with an ultra fine Co2. It almost imitates a Berliner Weiss in its delivery.

Overall: We’ve gotta hand it to them…it is definitely outside the box. It has a NEIPA feel to it but at the same time it doesn’t. If that makes sense. It’s just so emphatically fruity and summery yet we’re downing it on a cold and wet arvo. Seems so wrong! Still, a solid offering.