Omnipollo ‘Noa Pecan Mud’ Imperial Stout


22290053_755785907938890_2422864796795902777_o“When I was 12 I dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. Call this a creative outlet. Thick, rich and excessively decadent, this beer aims to bring back childhood memories. Brewed with aromas.”

Served in a snifter. We’re met with an impenetrable black pour with a thumb of brown foam topping it off. Slow reduction, settling to a film that provides a healthy lace as it subsides.
The nose, although similar to the original Texas pecan Ice cream,┬áis unique in its own right. It’s definitely a lot more centralised on the roast and the true character of the pecan nut. It’s big on cocoa, chocolate and vanilla. It’s so nutty that it also brings out hints of Brazil nut, hazelnut and roasted almonds. It’s caramelised and sugary, packed with chocolate, vanilla and marshmallows. Hot damn!
This is truly and incredible taste sensation. On one hand we have the earthy, roasty and nutty pecan pie and on the other is this delicious hint of artificial sugars like marshmallow, cotton candy and vanilla slice. Erm….how the hell do they do that!? The booze (11%) and some bittersweet chocolate then leads in to a long and drawn out finish that provides sweetness, bitterness, warmth and roast.
The body is full and the texture is chewy and sticky with low co2.
Another sensational drop from Omnipollo. It reveals a bit more unrefined sharpness as opposed to the pecan ice cream. That is literally the only criticism we have. That aside, it is a remarkable drop. World class stuff.