Omnipollo X 3 Sons ‘Noa Scoop’ Imperial Stout


“In collaboration with our friends at Florida based 3 Sons, we have a Strawberry Pecan Mud Cake Imperial Stout. Picture chocolate covered strawberries suspended in a viscous stout base, this beer pours almost as thick as the dreamy and creamy dessert that inspired it.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pitch black with a short brown head which dissipates pretty quickly. It’s left with zero head so zero lacing is expected.

Aroma: Sweet baby Jesus what do we have here?! The memory bank is instantly flooded with images of strawberry ice cream cones and gelato. It’s actually impressive how they’ve managed to incorporate the waffle-flavoured cone in here too. There’s also more subtle nudges of cherry candy, pink lemonade syrup, vanilla essence, brown sugar, milk bar and just sheer happiness in spades.

Flavour: Wow OK the Impy Stout side of it makes its entrance. And it’s a big one – super rich molasses, licorice, dark chocolate and cocoa crashes through the barrier but there’s seldom a moment when the decadent and creamy strawberry isn’t there for added self indulgence. A delicious roasted note kicks off late in the piece then lays down for the deliciously creamy, sweet yet mildly roasty finish.

Mouthfeel: Thick, oily and warming. Low-ish Co2 and full body. The 11% ABV is fairly well behaved for its size.

Overall: So damn good. Tell ya what it’d want to be considering the hefty price tag that accompanies it. Take nothing aware from it though…it’s a highly enjoyable drop.