Omnipollo/Buxton Original Ice Cream Pale Ale


22089861_754645324719615_6641528912010522053_n“The original ice cream beer from Buxton & Omnipollo. This pale ale is brewed using oats, wheat & lactose to give it a full, rich texture. It is then loaded up with fresh vanilla pods to create this truly unique beer.”

Served in a shaker. It pours out a hazy orange hue which sports a thumb of loosely held foam over the top. The head recedes to a film and weaves a healthy lace down the glass.
Not really a great deal of ice cream for an ‘ice cream pale ale’. Sure, it’s creamy with vanilla overtones but it’s the slightly tropical hops that we pick up the most initially. Lots of light and semi sweet florals, hints of caramel, oats and a touch of orange blossom. Starting to get more of the lactose and vanilla ice cream as it warms.
Oh yeah, the flavour turns it up on the ice cream component – super creamy, loads of vanilla bean and creamy lactose. Again we taste a subtle floral hop with hints of light orange citrus and a soft sweet malt structure. It signs off with an assertive hop bitterness and a lingering taste of vanilla bean and cream in the tail.
Soft creamy texture with a firm bitterness developing late. Medium body and co2. Well hidden ABV also (5.6%).
Definitely improved once it had about half an hour out of the fridge. Those creamy vanilla ice cream flavors and aromas really benefit from it. Pretty cool novelty but one is probably enough. Are we blown away? Not really. Looking forward to their darker beers TBH!