Omnipollo/Buxton Original Texas Pecan Pie Porter


22195508_755398857977595_520070486629531753_n“Part of the Buxton/Omnipollo ice cream beer series, Texas Pecan is a pecan caramel porter brewed with vanilla and lactose.”

Served in a snifter. It hits the glass with a pitch black body and forms a short brown cap on top. The head fades to a ring with reasonable lace work as we indulge.
The aroma is absolutely divine! Like liquefied chocolate and pecan pie in a glass. It’s got sweet and nutty overtones for days with that feature pecan centre stage. There’s endless back up from bittersweet dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee to marshmallow, milk sugars and caramel. The booze is there but it’s ultimately well disguised. Brilliant.
And it all rolls right in to the flavour profile too! Mouth-watering waves of pecan pie, vanilla, caramel, nutty malts, lactose and cocoa flow majestically from the front and through the mid palate. It hits a super sweet syrupy note as the warming booze is injected. Bittersweet chocolate, coffee and mild roast then finishes it all off in style.
The mouth feel is dense but surprisingly silky considering the 10% ABV. Medium-full in body. Really warming and well rounded, lovely stuff.
This is our 2nd crack at Omnipollo and Buxtons ice cream series and it has just set the bar very high! The pale ale, although decent, was a tad underwhelming and has nothing on this delicious and slightly hedonistic porter. Seriously impressive drop here folks.