Phantom Carriage ‘Nothing Is Real’ Dry Hopped Lambic w Spices


37128814_898342327016580_8359294865384669184_n“Dry-Hopped Lambic-Inspired Wild Ale with Spices (Citra Hops, Orange Peel, Zest)”.

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Golden complexion, slightly hazy with a quickly vanishing head. Lacing is patchy but reasonable considering the lack of head.

Aroma: Certainly showing its lambic traits with its distinct musty dryness and vinous accents. The spice profile is subtle but that is spot on in our opinion – just a touch of earthy nutmeg and cardamon comes through. Clever use of the citra hops as we pick up the fruity notes that work in well with the citric pectins of the orange peel. Very unique.

Flavour: Incredibly dry and tannic, musty, oaky and underlined by the earthy spice. The sourness is muted, almost forced to battle it out with the hops. It settles through the mid, showing a hint of tart and citric orange peel. Just a little bit of funk in there as it moves in to a mild finish which offers a drying and somewhat oaky finish.

Mouthfeel: Mineraly, maybe a bit grainy at times. Very low acidity for the style. Lively co2 with mild-moderate body. 6% ABV – well placed.

Overall: Although we like the additions of spice, orange peel etc we feel it has muddled some of the best properties of a lambic. We never thought we’d hear ourselves say it but we wanted more funk! An enjoyable quaffer but it’s nothing to write home about.