Pivovar Rakovnik ‘Pražačka’ Pilsner


imageSuch a random buy this one, we picked it up from an independent bottle shop in Revesby, Sydney NSW.

Served in a flute glass the clear golden pour produced little head that collapsed instantly without any trace of lacing. Well, what kind of aroma can you really expect from a light Czech pilsner? Not much. We picked up some light hops, malt, grain and toast. The mouth feel was thin and watery. Too slippery for us. Flavour was lightly hopped initially with a mild hint of bitterness. Some light grain and toast with a sweet apple/pear-like finish rounds off a pretty average beer. Quite abrupt. 4% ABV. Seems to be the standard volume for traditional Czech pilsners. Consider your Pilsner Urquell’s and Staroprammen’s well before reaching for one of these. This one was too dull and lifeless and just didn’t cut the mustard really.