Prickly Moses ‘Black panther’ IBA


imageQuite a decent little microbrewery this one. Better known in the beer world as Prickly Moses this winery/brewery is situated in the Otways in rural Victoria, officially by the name of Otway Estate.

Served in a shaker glass the opaque black pour whipped up a big, rocky 2 finger tan head that holds well, eventually settling to at least a 1 cm crown. Excellent head retention with thick, sudsy lacing being strewn all the way down the glass. It doesn’t take much of a twirl to lift the big roasted aromas out of the glass, instantly the olfactory’s are inspired by rich, roasted espresso, chocolate, mocha, vanilla and caramel. We love the way the late hopping gives not only balance but the bitterness an extra edge with a subtle, yet sharp addition of grapefruit. Very nice. In the mouth the malts are offering a creamy texture as the mild carbonation and moderate body are brought alive by the IBU (68). Upfront a subdued alcohol warmth and the moreish chocolate malts and espresso bitterness blends brilliantly into an assertive hop dryness through the mid palate. A caramelised sweetness picks up hints of toffee and molasses as the roasted finish lingers well on the back end. Good length. 6.2% ABV. To be honest this beer has well exceeded its expectations, from the pour through to the finish this beer is elegant, well balanced and true to its style. Damn fine brew.