Prickly Moses Chardonnay IPA


image“Our Chardonnay India Pale Ale is an American style IPA blended with a chardonnay chosen by winemaker Scott McWilliam for it’s tropical fruit characteristics, which blends perfectly with the chosen hops and lengthens the palate. Brewed with pure Otway rainwater. (6.0%)”

Served in an IPA glass. The bright but slightly hazy golden appearance knocks up a finger and a half of tightly held microbubble that’s retained quite nicely. A healthy amount of webbed lacing is strewn down the glass as it ebbs. We love the idea of mixing wine with beer. It’s not a new concept though, breweries like Barossa Valley Brewing, Moa and Dogfish Head are just to name a few. This IPA has been infused with a chardonnay from McWilliams estate and it’s evident right from the start. Big tropical fruits jump out of the glass. Grapefruit, passion fruit and lychee are all here but it’s the addition of white grapes, lime and paw paw that hand this infused IPA it’s distinctive aroma. Undertones of pine needle, orange peel and freshly cut grass also creep in. Gorgeous! In the mouth it’s reasonably weighted. The texture is smooth and slightly dry with a vibrant Co2 level. Bitterness is mild and the 6% ABV is pretty well concealed. In IPA terms….it’s super sessional. The flavour profile is very similar to the aroma. You have your hallmark IPA fruits like grapefruit, mango and lychee blended brilliantly with the somewhat stonefruit-like characters of white wine along with juicy lime, guava, and white grapes. Our only grievance is that it does become a little one-dimensional but a mild bitterness and a touch of crisp pine develops late and leads to a dry, fruity finish. Definitely a highly tasty drop but it does go a little MIA in the middle there. Other than that it’s a delicious craft IPA. Something we could easily session on for an arvo around the barby.