Prickly Moses Otway stout


image“CLASSIC. A dark, full bodied, dry stout. Rich, roasted flavours with toffee and caramel makes it the perfect choice during the cooler months. (5%) Silver medal:2010,2012 Australian International Beer Awards”

Purchased this beauty from Wynwood winery in the Hunter Valley believe it or not. After sampling some brilliant wines we thought we’d divulge into a few beers and picked up this stout along with the Otway pale ale and the Red ale. Served in a beer tulip the light black pour generated a lasting dark tan head. Standard lace. The aroma is very simple but it’s lovely, we can detect roasted malts, chocolate and coffee. We can see why this vineyard was serving this beer along with the wines as the nose offers an undertone of this berry/grape-like sweetness. Also a very soothing scent of vanilla creeps in at the end. Nice aroma. In the mouth it feels quite light on, maybe a tad thin for a stout. Mildly carbonated with moderate body. Flavour is mild, which makes it quite sessional (if you love your stouts obviously). We picked up caramel, malt sweetness, chocolate and berries on the palate. As the alcohol volume (5%) is quite low it doesn’t add any more body and essentially it seems like this stout is lacking a certain pizzazz. We couldn’t work it out. Still, a very approachable stout though.