Prickly Moses ‘Spotted Ale’ Golden Ale


16999069_652106748306807_2343591627994115964_n“Spotted Ale is brewed to help support the endangered Tiger Quolls. All profits from this beer go to the Conservation Ecology Centre for the research and rehabilitation of Australia‚Äôs largest remaining carnivorous marsupials, the Tiger Quoll which is in rapid decline. This refreshing golden ale has hints of honey and citrus with a nice dry finish.”

Served in a shaker glass. A golden colored pour with a faint haze meets the eye. It manages to arouse a short head that holds together quite well, drawing a surprisingly healthy lace trail down the glass.
Nothing extraordinary on the nose: mild stonefruits, citrus and peach hit a sweet note with traces of grapefruit pushing up in support. Very distinct honey malt sweetness that ties in beautifully. Getting more passion fruit notes as the beer settles in the glass as well. Not bad.
Light on, crisp, nicely carbonated and super sessional in the mouth. Mild body with what feels to be about a mid 20 IBU.
Upfront it hints at those sweet honey malts before the mild citrus and peach tones are introduced. Nice carry through the mid but it all seems to taper off in to a short and uninspiring finish.
Overall it’s a pretty timid beer, although the upside would have to be its session ability. Only 4.5% ABV so it is seriously bang-able. Not really a beer we’d normally go for but we thought the cause behind it was worth supporting. We’re all for saving endangered Australian wildlife so we’ll drink to that!