Range ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’ Hazy Pale Ale


“Cash Rules Everything Around Me is a brand new DDH Pale that features a Cashmere heavy dry hop, accompanied by our homie Citra. We were aiming for a soft and tropical pale that packed a juicy punch for its ABV and that is exactly what we’ve delivered. Orange citrus zest with hints of lemon and lime on the nose quickly transform to soft peach and melon on the palate. Citra brings a distinctly creamy orange finish with a light lychee hint. Low on bitterness and high on the crush factor.”

Glassware: Shaker.

Appearance: Super hazy light pastel orange and a thumb of loosely packed off white head perched on top. Reasonable retention and shows good legs as it ebbs.

Aroma: Dialling up the dank here! Shit loads of pine and resin too. Aahh Citra…you never get old. Like a fine wine, the older they get the better they become. And the fact that it’s the Cryo version is what notches it up another level or two. Picking up some brekky juice here and there, ripe fleshy stone fruits and spicy herbs i.e basil, aniseed, rocket etc. Hints of lime zest, dough and frosty fruits also getting a look in.

Flavour: It screams IPA so it’s bloody impressive that it’s merely a 5.5% Pale Ale. A lot of that can be attributed to the magnificent hop bill though. Citra especially…it’s the wonder hop! Dank, piney, resinous, pithy and fruity. They were made for American Pale Ale! A good dose of herbal spice, guava, honeydew, tangy lime zest and a dry, chalky and musty malt bill encapsulating it all.

Mouthfeel: Really smooth, aerated and fluffy. Mild-moderate body, Co2 is fine and the 5.5% ABV is right where we like it to be for the style.

Overall: Superb stuff here from Range. And what makes them even more desirable is the sharp price point on almost all of their beers. The products are that good they could easily charge more but they don’t, and we respect that. They’re easily in our top 5 best breweries in Australia.