Red duck ‘the tiger’ strong pale ale


image“There are no more Pinta Island Tortoises, there is no hope for the Yangtse River Dolphin, and has anyone seen a Thylacine or a Lesser Bilby lately? Wild Tigers around the world are in trouble, big trouble, and maybe we can save them… so like Red Duck, please support the WWF save the tiger fund. Donate to: Not so long ago, micro-breweries were nearly extinct, but people like you believed that real craft beer has a right to exist, and made the world a better place.”

A strangely average beer from this Victorian brewery that normally pumps out consistently tasty beverages. Served in a shaker glass the golden-amber pour constructs a thin white head that fizzles out to patches of foam on top. Minimal lacing. Aroma is superb, we’re detecting sweet apricot, honey, stone fruit, some subtle yeasty hints and a mild peppery spice. Maybe a touch of booze in here too. In the mouth it’s oily with medium carbonation. Moderate body. Flavour packs a nice alcoholic punch first up but not a whole lot to follow. There is subtle malt and yeast notes in the mid-palate with a solid bitter finish that’s slightly short lived. The alcohol content (6.7%) seems to bury some of the flavours in this beer, we just couldn’t pick that many up, which is a shame because it would have been a nice drop. A plethora of better beers on offer from this brewery.