Red Hill ‘Barrel Aged Temptation’ Belgian Strong Ale


“Smooth and complex with intense flavours and depth. Fermentation starts cool and reaches very high temperatures creating a fruity yeast aroma. Lots of hops are added late in the boils creating spicy aromatics. An alcohol content of 8% makes this beer very tempting yet devilish, and is well hidden with a crisp dry finish… once you’ve started there is no turning back. This beer has a high level of carbonation, a beautiful golden colour and luxuriant big white foamy head…The Ultimate Temptation.”

Glassware: Trappist Chalice.

Appearance: Slightly hazy golden pour with a thumb of finely beaded foam atop. It’s retained rather well and leaves a gorgeous lace on the glass as we imbibe.

Aroma: The Tripel-esque base is neatly done; slightly funky with fresh herbals, honey, spice and esters but it’s the added features that were loving the most. The Chardonnay barrels the beer rested in provides these light fruity notes and a hint of oak but it’s the addition of Gin that’s the most impressive…the floral and forest-like botanicals really shine and give the beer a really unique edge.

Flavour: The traditional Tripel base (which is extremely hard to perfect) displays its semi sweet malts, fresh herbs and fruity yeast esters while the Gin and the Chardonnay/barrels – albeit subtle – do their thing with delicate oak, white grapes, juniper and botanicals. We’re really digging how the base Tripel takes control and finishes nice and sharp with lingering esters on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Very unassuming. Kinda zippy but also a little creamy, mild-medium bodied. Just a slight sparkle from the Co2. The 9% ABV is ridiculously well hidden.

Overall: Wow what an absolute corker. Yes we’re big fans of Tripel as a style but not so big on Chardy or Gin so to make it all come together the way it has deserves respect. We’ve always held this brewery in high regard and this is exactly why.