Red Hill Brewery ‘Hop Harvest’ English Bitter


image“The brewers were knee deep in our hops for this special brew, using hops just harvested from our own vines which were then steeped in our conditioning vats for months, this is a traditional English style bitter. Copper in colour with a strong malt character, balanced by the use of our new seasons Willamette and Goldings hops to create a full hop flavour and aroma. The complex grain bill provides a full, rich & malty ale that has hints of marmalade and lashings of hop resin flavours, finishing with a peppery spicy note.”

Served in an English pint. Pours a lovely deep copper with a soft reddy/pinkish hue. A big, mountainous three finger cap forms over the top, gradually breaking down and settling to a thick and fluffy overlay with a tonne of dense, sticky lacing clinging to the glass. One of the things we love about this brewery is the fact that they grow then use their own hops. In this particular brew the use of their own Willamette and Goldings impart a spicy and herbal note that’s coming off quite vigorously. We’re also getting plenty of stone fruits like apricot and peach that offset the caramel malt backbone. Maybe a slight toastiness too. Simple but very aromatic. In the mouth it’s full bodied and creamy with a somewhat gelatinous texture. Very smooth and moderately carbonated with a gentle bitterness that develops toward the back end. The palate inititates with a soft, sweet malt and a delicate fruitiness flowing through. Hints of orange and caramel are picked up across the mid which lead in to a light, dry finish. Decent length as we taste a subtle yet herbaceous character on the rear. Not a bad representation of the style at all. Also considering how well the 6% ABV has been hidden it does drink super smoothly. We reckon this would get the synchronised nod of approval from any ale-loving Pom. Good offering.