Red Hill ‘Fandango’ Bohemian Pilsner


“The Brewers’ Rhapsody, the original Bohemian Pilsner. Back from our library of hits, this Pilsner has never missed a beat, pumped up to 11 with Bohemian Pilsner malt and Lashings of Saaz hops, you too will be in rhapsody when you feel the edges of your mouth go up after just one sip. Packed in sleek black 355ml cans the Fandango Bohemian Pilsner is an annual specialty release. This version features art by Melbourne Ale cartoonist Matt Golding with an illustration of how you feel when you are drinking this beer!!!”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Deep golden pour with a slight hop haze. Excellent Co2 activity and a thumb of finely beaded foam perched on top. It drops a sheet of lacing on the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: We sometimes forget just how good Red Hill are at brewing the European styles. This Bohemian style Pilsner presents brilliantly – solid malt structure i.e rice crackers, semi sweet honey and straw setting the stage for those gorgeous Saaz hops to do their work off of. Definitely floral, a tad herbaceous and spicy as well. Ultra clean yeast profile. Oh yeah this is good.

Flavour: Quite hop forward actually. It comes on with a quick cameo of grainy malts and straw/hay and then the hops/bitterness envelopes the palate. It hits an earthy note as it passes the mid and is further enhanced by a subtle peppery spice and a warming booze burn which only intensifies as it carries into the dry and bitter finish.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and clean but slightly bulkier than your typical Pilsner. Mild-medium body, Co2 is spot on. The 6.5% ABV is noticeable but not overpowering.

Overall: We don’t think they’ve strayed far from their OG Pilsner recipe here. Other than a bigger hop profile and ABV it drinks pretty similar…and that’s what we like most about this. Very traditional base but with a new world kick.