Resin ‘Refraction’ NEPA


No Commercial Description.

Glassware: Shaker.

Appearance: Sandy golden yellow with a thumb of loosely packed head on top. It holds up surprisingly well and works a patchy lace was we go.

Aroma: Chock-full of tangy citrus, stonefruit, passion fruit, peach skins, mild juice concentrate, oats and a doughy/breast malt at the base. Something a little weedy and resinous (pun intended!) In here too. Mango and rock melon certainly intensifies as it warms. Pretty solid stuff.

Flavour: She’s unbelievably smooth that’s for sure. Mixed orange citrus, passion fruit and subtle brekky juice characters upfront. A flutter of weedy herbs and resin coming through. Those dry and bready oats act as a backdrop and an excellent counter balance for the fruity hops to drive in to the lengthy finish.

Mouthfeel: Ultra smooth, creamy, very finely carbonated. Mild-medium body. The 5% ABV is nicely positioned in the beer.

Overall: Another extremely tidy offering from Resin. Not a great deal of contrast between this and Olfaction but take nothing away from this (or Olfaction) they’re both really good beers.