Riverside brewing co. ’77’ IPA


imageIf you have been keeping up with us you would definitely know by now how highly we regard this brewery. The 44, the 55 and even the 69 are all top notch brews, but this 77, bordering on a DIPA with it’s 7.7% ABV would have to top the list of Dave (the head brewers) core range.

We served this in an IPA glass and we are instantly salivating at the copper/amber pour that constructs it’s 1 finger crown before reducing to a fine layer of foam on top. Laced well. All we have to do is put our noses to the beer before we fall in love. This aroma is superb, offering up a brilliant balance between sticky, sugary pine resins and tropical fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, lychee and mango. With all this going on it’s no surprise we almost overlooked the spicy hint of cedar wood and the caramel malt back drop. Absolutely divine. In the mouth it’s round and oily with moderate carbonation. Medium body. The flavour profile initially yields a delicious combination of sweet tropical fruits, cedar wood and a slight alcohol warmth that carries on through the mid-palate and gradually becomes more astringent as the beer warms. This tasty mix of tropical fruits maintains and eventually rounds off with a firm dryness that emphasises the alcohol burn on the back end. All this with excellent length just underlines why we love this brewery. Such meticulous care and passion for brewing high quality craft beer is shown through the aroma and flavour of this top notch ale. Up there with the best Aussie IPA’s on the market. World class.