Rocky Ridge ‘Jindong Juicy’ Hazy Pale Ale


“Pouring with a medium level of hop haze, this juicy pale ale is loaded with tropical fruit and citrus characteristics that are complemented nicely by a low yet cleansing level of bitterness.”

Glassware: American Pint.

Appearance: Slightly murky honey golden pour with a soft orange tint. It forms a thumb of finely beaded white foam which gradually peels off. Nice webbed lacing on the glass as we go.

Aroma: Firstly, we must point out the fact at how slow we’ve been getting on board with this mob. Releases like Rock Juice have certainly grabbed our attention, but it wasn’t until their collab with MC (The Overlook) that they really catapulted forward in our opinion. This cheeky little Hazy Pale displays good juice character…lots of citrus overtones, tropical fruits and dank herbals with a lovely touch of peppery spice and chalk.

Flavour: Sliced perfectly down the middle. Somewhat musty and chalky with the citrus and mixed tropical fruits in support. Dank, semi-weedy herbals and peppery spice through the middle but it never loses its fruity quality. It hits a pithy note late in the piece which sets up for a smooth and slightly citrusy finish.

Mouthfeel: Light on, chalky, well aerated. Mild-moderate body and perfectly carbed. The 5% ABV is neatly positioned as well.

Overall: We have a little theory as to why Hazy/NEIPA’s have gotten so much better in Australia over the past couple of years and most of the credit can go to the NEIPA maestro (DJ/Mountain Culture). We’ve noticed that once a brewery collaborates with them their Hazy’s go to another level. This one included. A fine offering.