Sail & anchor ‘Jack tar’ imperial stout


image“Fremantle brewing maestros, Sail & Anchor, have released a limited edition Imperial Stout just in time for the cooler months – the perfect winter warmer. The Stout itself is characterised by a strong malt character and a deep, palate covering caramel sweetness which plays ever brilliantly well with the hop bitterness which come in at 60 IBUs. Notes of espresso coffee and dark chocolate finish off this dark and refreshing Imperial Stout that is a perfect match for a dark chocolate dessert or an open fire.”

We have been quite tentative with this brewery in the past. There have been a couple of absolutely abhorrent beers brewed by these guys but they have notched back up in our book with a few single releases and collaborations with breweries such as Karl Strauss. Served in a tulip glass the mat black pour generates a thick 2 cm beige head which slowly settles to a thin film on top. Healthy lace. Subtle yet creamy aroma of roasted malts, vanilla, licorice, treacle, cocoa and espresso. Medium carbonation and medium bitterness. The body is quite full with a thick and chewy mouth feel. Upfront the palate is displaying charred characteristics of dark chocolate, roasted malt, caramel and bitter espresso. The mid-palate bitterness blends into the back end nicely with hints of booze and raisin to finish. Good length. 9.5% ABV is very well hidden. This is the most positive you’ll ever see us be towards a brewery that has sold out to a big conglomerate. Not a bad offering.