Sailors Grave ‘law of the tongue’ Oyster stout.


imageThis smokey oyster stout has been brewed with Wapango oysters and Sunrise limes from Murray View Organics. Brewed in the deep sou’east of Victoria.

Poured into a shaker glass, we see a 5-10mm tan head that is full of tightly packed carbonation. Retains fairly well, leaving just a patchy rim. Mat black appearance here. Fine carbonation seen. Aroma of roasted malts, espresso, some molasses, sea salt/brine, and some smoke or ash. First sip yields more roasted malt, definite smoke, bitter espresso, game like meat, more salt, and little lime. We trying to detect the limes here, and obviously the whole salt/sour thing is the way to go but it’s minimal to our tastebuds. Sure there is a bitterness on the palate but we can’t definitely say it’s lime. There is an oilyness to this brew and we see no lacing down the glass. It’s sticky on the lips after each sip. Light to medium body here with a good smoky, ashy, roasted malt backbone. It’s 5.5% Alc vol and it’s well hidden, basically imperceptible behind the smoke and malt. Minimal carbonation being a stout but there is a subtle spice or bubble on the tongue. As we near then end, we get all the flavours as described above. It’s a meaty brew with the use of oysters adding to this mouthfeel. Taste of the sea here with a decent smoked malt backbone. A tad more lime would have been better. It’s no 3 Boys Oyster Stout but it’s enjoyable.