Saint Archer Brewing co IPA


imageSaint Archer Brewing Co was founded by world class Brewers, artists, musicians, surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders…all coming together with their passion and commitment for handcrafted beer.

Poured into a shaker glass, we see a slightly hazy golden straw colour with a small thin white head that subsides quickly and just leaves a rim of white around the glass. Mild carbonation seen through the haze. Aromas of pine, citrus, candy/caramel malts, doughy breads, and minimal booze. First sip is really nice and smooth on the palate. We thinking around the 6% mark given the lack of booze hit but we are pleasantly surprised to see an Alc vol of 7%! Decent bitterness on the palate with a good swish but it’s restrained and blends very lovely with the lighter caramel malts, and the pine, citrus and some white grapefruit. Crisp and drying on the palate also. Almost a tingle of spice like white pepper. Body is light to moderate and nice length after each gulp. Carbonation is mild to moderate allowing for a nice big swig. It’s kind of like a small version of a Pliny given the light colour and lack of booze hit to stated alcohol volume on the can. Good bitterness but so smooth down the gullet. As we near the end we just get more and more citrus and pine, with caramels, minimal alcohol, doughy malts, and mild spice. Beautiful aroma in the glass. So much perfume. So floral. Given this was canned only 3 months ago it’s a superb drop. We rate it highly.