Sauce Brewing Co. ‘Saucy’ Saison


15894605_628252927358856_58136733951194437_n“The People’s Choice! Back in early October we asked our fans to take part in a poll, where they would vote for their favourite beer style. When the results were in we created our take on the winning style and brewed it up, just in time for our launch party on the 11th of November. And the winner by a close margin was the Saison! This is our take on the farmhouse ale – a unique blend of noble and new-world hops, with two different kinds of yeast come together for a wonderfully aromatic Saison.”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. We’re met with a hazy golden hue that sports a gushing three finger head. It’s trimmed to a healthy overlay that dispenses a splattering of lace as it ebbs.
Quite yeasty on the nose. We’re getting some strong spicy notes, lots of oriental herbs, citronella oil, lemon candy, bubblegum, peach and a subtle barnyard funk. Tonnes of character here with an excellent blend of sweet fruits and yeasty phenols. Strong start.
The mouth feel is dry and tart with good Co2 levels. We get a slight acidity along with a very mild warmth from the 6% ABV. Mild-medium in body.
Similar to the aroma it’s very yeasty upfront, almost cloying in its delivery. A mild line of acidity cuts through the spicy and estery characters that precede a fusion of herbal and grassy hops midway. This saison finished on a very dry note with hints of funky barnyard, earth and candied lemons that retain well on the rear palate.
We’re not totally bowled over by it but it’s certainly a decent new world interpretation of the style. It’s got all the yeasty spice, funk and acidity one would want from a saison, along with the subtle fruits and grassy accents from the hops. A fine offering.