Seven Mile Experimental Hazy IPA – Mosaic


“A Hazy IPA made with our favourite hop Mosaic, plus a new kid on the block Hort 4337. This experimental hop has great tropical fruit notes which compliment the dank berry deliciousness of Mosaic.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Almost clear deep golden pour with a big three finger head which retains. It leaves a smattering of lace as we go. Once again we’re left lamenting the lack of haze in a so called hazy IPA!

Aroma: We sound like a broken record but Mosaic hops have to be one of the best hops ever cultivated. The amount of diversity and vigour from this one hop is amazing…it’s throwing out tonnes of tropical fruit like mango, pineapple, passionfruit and peach and equal to the task are the oily and resinous notes of pine, weedy herbals and mixed citrus. Kinda nice and subtle semi sweet malt bill filling it out.

Flavour: Follows on from the nose and displays a big fruity profile…the tropical fruits aren’t as dominant as we’re tasting more of the mixed citrus, stonefruits and resinous pine. Slowly but surely the weedy herbals are introduced and so is the mild caramel sweetness, wheat grains and oats. Nicely balanced and generally smooth finish with good duration.

Mouthfeel: Silky smooth, well aerated. Mild dryness in the swallow. Medium body and Co2. The 6.4% ABV is pretty inconspicuous.

Overall: Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. The lack of haze is always one thing that gets under our skin but the rest of the beer wasn’t too bad. Mosaic hops are the real winner here.