Shark Island Brewing Co. ‘Green hills’ Summer Ale


12113333_444765175707633_4103441099666304430_oThis summer ale is our 2nd entry for this brand new southern Sydney brewery. Similar to the Kölsch, there is another shout out to a beautiful spot in Cronulla on the label. “Green hills” is on the northern side of the beach and its inspiration is mainly driven by the brewers love for the surf and Cronulla beach in general. Anywho, on we roll.

Served in a shaker glass. From the pour we get a light golden yellow impression with a modest centimetre of snow white head forming on top. It gradually peels off and settles to a thin film with minimal lace. We’re detecting nicely lifted tropical fruits on the nose. Kiwifruit stands out for us while hints of honeydew and lime work off a base of sweet, grainy pilsner malt. The brewers have gone for 2 Australian varieties in their hop bill – the better known Summer and the lesser known Melba hop that combine to offer this sweet, musky and floral-like aroma. In the mouth it’s light on with a vibrant Co2 level that hands the texture some buoyancy. A little bitterness here but overall it’s super smooth with mild dryness. Nice transition from the aroma on to the palate. Those sweet and fleshy fruits we picked up on the nose reappear on the front palate, flowing through the mid and picking up a mild bitterness (25 IBU) with it. The finish is light and crisp with a lingering honey-like sweetness on the rear. To sum it up it is very light, very sessional and highly approachable. This is the kind of summer session beer you reach for when attending an arvo BBQ with a few mates. Not bad at all.