Shenanigans brewing co. ‘Winston’ pale ale


image“This pale, aromatic ale doesn’t fit squarely into any style guidelines. It’s just something we like to brew and drink. A light malt base combined with oats gives it a pale colour and pleasing body. Bucket loads of Kiwi, US and Australian hops burst out of the glass with notes of tropical fruit, freshly bruised citrus and heady notes of white grapes. Modestly bitter, the finish is full, refreshing and crisp. In loving memory of Winston G”

This is our first crack at this brand new brewery, mostly gypsy brewing out of the tanks of the likes of Batch and Young Henry’s in the inner west of Sydney, NSW. Served in a shaker glass the cloudy golden pour offers up lively carbonation with an average 1/2 inch white cap on top. The head retains well leaving good lace trails down the glass. Really nice hop-forward aromas emanating off the nose, we’re picking up candied lemon, unripened grapefruit, pine needle, peach and white grapes. Only a very soft grainy malt backing which is giving off hints of corn flakes. In the mouth it feels frothy and full bodied with medium carbonation. Upfront an assertive bitterness combines well with flavours of grassy hops and light malts. The bitterness carries on through the mid-palate and finishes dry with lingering hints of lemon and subtle herbal notes. 5.6% ABV compliments this tasty and sessional APA. Pretty good way to kick things off for this brewery, we’re looking forward to the next installment already. Delicious brew.