Slow Lane ‘Best Wishes’ Belgian Ale


“Best Wishes is ourĀ strong golden Belgian style Christmas ale, taking inspiration from Brasserie Dupont’s famous Bons Voeux holiday beer. Doing away with the dark malts and spices that are commonly used in Christmas beers, we think Best Wishes is a great fit for an Aussie Christmas lunch on a hot summer’s day.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Slightly hazy straw golden pour with a thumb of finely beaded off white foam resting on top. The head gradually reduced and and draws out a decent lace on the glass.

Aroma: Let’s be honest this is a pretty strange beer on face value. Christmas Ales traditionally are dark and chock-full of Christmas cake, sweet dark fruits and spice so it’s intriguing to see this pour so light. And that’s why we bagged one! Smells super spicy, a bit skunky, bubblegum, orange peel, banana runts, soft peaty notes, farmyard grains, earth and a little funk. A real mixes bag but it’s most captivating.

Flavour: Oh wow, how do we put this? Probably best described as the lovechild between a Tripel and a Saison with a very delicate touch of Hefeweizen. We get a tonne of yeasty spice, banana runts, wheat grains, hay/straw, honey, bubblegum, tangy orange citrus, buttery biscuits and the faintest touch of gingerbread. Excellent length on it too.

Mouthfeel: Fairly chewy but the lifted Co2 hands it a much lighter texture. Mild-medium body and a very well concealed ABV (9%).

Overall: Is Christmas in March a thing? Yes OK, we’re late to this party but this run of surprisingly nice weather in Sydney draws a parallel with the heat of an Aussie Xmas so that’s enough for us. Not half bad actually, would probably return to it.