Slow Lane ‘Entirety’ BA Russian Imperial Stout


“Russian Imperial Stouts are known to be the strongest of all stouts. Originally brewed in London in the late 18th century for export to Russia, they were a favourite of Catherine the Great, the Russian empress at the time. Entirety is big and intense, with rich roast and chocolate flavours. We used an extended seven hour boil to give it a very full bodied mouthfeel. It was then aged in bourbon barrels for eight months adding more bold flavours.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pitch black with a big and loosely held three finger head. It deconstructs rather quickly and leaves scarce lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Our first question is where the bloody hell are the bourbon barrels? We only just reviewed the non barrel aged version a month or so ago so it’s still pretty fresh in our minds. Although that version scored highly (as it should have) this so called barrel aged version should’ve been bringing the best of, plus the unmistakable and lustful characters of the bourbon/barrels. But it ain’t!

Flavour: Beers like this really get on our nerves. The intensity and quality is a side issue but if a brewery is going to market a barrel aged version of a beer that’s already in their range then at least try to impart some of the barrel qualities into the beer. We literally get zero bourbon or oak. This on top of what seems to be a poorly brewed RIS. We’re thinking this batch (or this tinny) has been infected.

Mouthfeel: Kinda thin, a little fizzy, medium carbonation. One upside is the 11% ABV being well concealed.

Overall: We hadn’t even had a shot at the price point either but we’re now certain this beer has an infection(s). No bourbon and or barrel qualities, it’s slightly metallic and has what appears to be an acetaldehyde infection. Sheesh, this is horrific.