Southern bay brewing co. ‘requiem’ über pale pilsner


image“Lager is not dead. Just because the craft beer revolution gives you new and extreme beer experiences doesn’t mean that you can’t do something innovative with a classic style.”

Respectable, we definitely agree with this perception. Tried this clean, sessional pilsner on tap at ‘black salt’ in Geelong. Served in a footer flute glass. Slightly hazy golden pour with a thin filmy head that eventually peels off with random lacing trailing it down. Quite a restrained herbal hop aroma with wafts of citrus, honey, oats and grainy malts. Crisp and refreshing on the nose…we like it. Mild carbonation and medium bitterness. In the mouth it’s light on, really smooth texture, maybe a touch too thin. Very palatable flavours consisting of lemon, grain, some rock melon and a subtle lingering hop dryness at the back end. Crisp, dry finish. As you would expect for a pilsner, very sessional. Went down very well on a hot day. Nothing overly exciting but we could easily go back for a few more. Not a bad offering from this Victorian brewery.