Speights Triple Hop Pilsner


18622315_695600070624141_3255865939303436608_n“A real pilsner true to its traditions, Triple Hop Pilsner uses three distinct hops; one for bitterness at the beginning and two for aroma added later in the brew. The moment you spark up the barbecue is the moment to take the top off a Triple Hop Pilsner, perfect beer match with anything from the sea; snapper or cod you choose.”

Bought from the resort mini Mart in Denarau, Fiji. Served in a flute. Pouring a bright golden hue with 100% clarity. It knocks up a frothy two finger head that holds its shape, allowing it to work a healthy lace down the walls of the glass.
The nose is displaying plenty of Noble hop florals with quite a sweet, syrupy malt structure. Getting hints of DMS and boiled veggies creeping in along with a kind of wet cardboard scent that’s a little unfavourable. This beer has come from NZ so we’re thinking it hasn’t travelled well. Some pleasant earthy hop, subtle spice and a soft herbal note ties it all up.
Super crisp and refreshing in the mouth. Light on and a little thin with a vibrant Co2. Mild body. A real summery thirst quencher here.
Flavour-wise it’s pretty stock standard. Spicy and floral hop notes on the fore, filling out with the semi sweet bready malts. Tasting a somewhat earthy bitterness before it concludes with a crisp, clean finish.
Like the rest of the “craft options” or shall we just say premium imported beers here it’s good for one thing….quenching thirst. It’s definitely a more traditional Czech interpretation and the 4% ABV would reflect that. Just your run of the mill pilsner.