St.Feuillien Quadrupel


“St-Feuillien Quadruple is a very dark and denseĀ beer. She is noticeably alcoholic. She distinguishes herself by a complex and finely caramelized aroma and with shades of Madeira wine and candied fruit and an intense touch of fermentation esters (banana type). A slight hoppy smell (English style) completes the whole. The mouth is long with a powerful body built on the density and generous apparent extract. The bitterness is present but sweet and blends harmoniously with the malty structure.”

Glassware: Trappist Goblet.

Appearance: Muddy dark brown with a faint mahogany hue. It whips up a thumb of khaki foam which slowly peels back. Wet spotty lace clings as we imbibe.

Aroma: Jeez there’s a lot to unpack here! It’s interesting as we were expecting a big yeasty number but instead it’s throwing out massive toffee and treacle, sweet dark fruits like raisin, dates and plum, port and residual sugars, a touch of banana bread and earthy spice. Also picking up hints of ginger bread, musk/Candi sugar and very subtle roast. Absolutely pin point perfection!

Flavour: A little raw and roasty upfront then the wave of caramel/toffee, treacle, dark fruits, port, banana bread and baker’s chocolate washes over. Slightly tart plum and earthy figs develop late and then lay down for a lightly toasted finish but it certainly doesn’t end there. Sweet toffee, yeasty spice and dark fruits linger for an eternity!

Mouthfeel: Sticky, gelatinous, creamy and full bodied…liquid gold basically. The 11% ABV is ridiculously well concealed.

Overall: Holy moly this is the ducks nuts. Quite different to your typical Belgian Quad as it doesn’t just rely on the yeast profile. This thing is deep and complex and full of character. Bloody ripper.