Staatsbrauerei ‘Rothaus’ Pils


“The most popular Rothaus beer is the Rothaus Pils. With an original gravity of 12.4% and 32 IBU’s, Rothaus Pils has a prominent position among other pilsners. Rothaus Pils is fermented from bottom-fermenting yeast that’s been developed in house, before maturing for roughly four weeks. During this period, its robust and elegant flavors and its high Rezenz are cultivated. Rezenz is the term for the refreshing feeling produced by the carbon dioxide in beer.”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Light, straw golden pour with two fingers of sturdy white head atop. Excellent retention and lace as we go.

Aroma: Classic Bavarian style Pils. It’s got that lovely pinch of semi sweet and grainy malt with all the authentic hop notes; cut grass, herbs, earthy, light florals and delicate citrus. Definitely picking up a bit of wet hay and straw as well. Perfect really.

Flavour: Balanced to perfection. Just a hint of the slightly sweet malts – grainy, honey – with a slightly more pronounced lemon/citrus character. Plenty of Noble hop grassiness, spice, florals and earthy notes which set up the clean and kinda herbaceous finish.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, light and totally crushable. Mild bitterness with vibrant carbonation. 5.1% ABV…right on the money.

Overall: It doesn’t get much better than this. It’s dead set gone straight in to our top 5 best ever Pilsners. Superb!