Stone & Wood/Willie Simpsons 2016 ‘Forefathers’ Doppelbock


18118822_683799298470885_1233470772227135872_nThere are pioneers among us who have set the wheels in motion for today’s burgeoning beer industry. This Annual limited release is a tribute to these Forefathers.¬†For this year’s Forefathers brew, Willie and Brad were inspired by a German Doppelbock. With a rich malt flavour that hints of chocolate and dark fruits, lagered for six weeks to make sure the finish is super smooth.”

Served in a Stein glass. The cola coloured pour struggles to provide much head as what is managed disappears almost instantly. Just a thin ring is left with hardly any lace work as it recedes.
All is forgiven once we take in a good whiff of this aroma. It’s actually quite complex with doughy malt and cashews leading out. The deeper we go the maltier it gets…toffee, caramel, fig, carob, subtle spice and raisins present with muscle. Excellent concealment of the 7% ABV as well, we hardly noticed it.
The beer holds a nice weight in the mouth. Medium-full body with a slick and mildly chewy texture. Nice frothiness from the Co2, adding that effervescence to an otherwise dense feel.
Getting a delicious burst of dark fruity sweetness that marries up with those chewy caramels so well. Lovely bready malt encompassing it all as it’s introduced to some nutty and chocolate notes that carry in to a yeasty, fruity and somewhat toasty finish.
It’s a shame we don’t see more Aussie breweries having a crack at this style. Going off this superb interpretation there’s obviously a knowledge of them already here. Is it the Willie Simpson factor? Must be the combination of the two great minds behind the delicious brilliance. Top shelf stuff.