Sunday Road ‘6 Ft & Offshore’ West Cost IPA


“A US West Coast style IPA presenting a bold hit of delicious tropical hop aroma, thanks to a large dry hop of Mosaic, Azacca and Eclipse. There‚Äôs a wonderful complexity throughout the palate with layers of hop oil as malt and bitterness intertwine to make a very moreish IPA.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Bold amber pour with a sturdy two finger head which holds its shape. Healthy lacing as it ebbs.

Aroma: From the first whiff we knew this was going to be a corker of a beer (yes we’ve tried this on tap at the brewery on numerous occasions). One of the most alluring aspects of this West Coast IPA is the big tropical fruits that are perfectly countered by the sweet caramelised malts. Plenty of support from orange citrus, mandarin, pine, a hint of rind and rich caramel. Top notch stuff.

Flavour: Excellent transition on to the palate. Delicious sweetness from the caramel malts initially with the tropical fruits, pine, orange citrus and rind cutting right through the middle of it and surging through to the perfectly balanced finish of zesty rind, pine and sweet caramel. Good endurance on it too.

Mouthfeel: Perfectly weighted. Smooth as silk with a soft bitterness post swallow. Medium body, finely carbonated. 6.2% ABV is dead set spot on…and well concealed.

Overall: Even considering its ABV it still somehow comes across as sessional. It’s just so well executed one could sit on it all arvo. You may need a wheelbarrow to be carried out at the end but at least your taste buds would be content! Superb.